Partnership Focus

As a partnership focussed business all our innovations and system developments are designed with our partners in mind and are integrated into our partner infrastructures. We also lead the market in our ability to deliver bespoke solutions that are unique to a partner’s needs. We are not constrained by deeply entrenched legacy technology systems.

All our technology is designed and built in-house and in Australia which means we are nimble and able to work to unique partner specifications.

Auto & General Partnership Competencies

Single minded focus on partner development

  • We develop the right solution for each unique partner opportunity
  • Process innovation and integration
  • Partner level NPS
  • Agile and quick to market
  • In-house proprietary systems, allowing for partner specific solutions

Ability to understand partner requirements

  • Product enhancement and development
  • Customer acquisition and retention
  • Revenue generation
  • General insurance marketing expertise
  • Data driven solutions

Willingness and enthusiasm to provide unique solutions

  • Customer journey and experience
  • Product differentiation
  • Process innovation and integration
  • Unique pricing methodology
  • Minimise date capture to remove customer duplication of effort