Our History

Driving the innovative culture of the BHL Group globally, are 7,500 employees who understand the value of thinking outside the box, to create new and better ways to deliver our partners’ insurance suites. Here in Australia, over 1000 insurance experts are trained specifically to deliver a consistent branded experience, that surpasses your customers’ expectations.

Being a partnership business, our proven expertise in creating branded experiences is central to why our partners trust us as they do. Since 1999, Auto & General has been helping Australians enjoy their homes and vehicles, without having to worry about the unexpected, or life’s inherent ‘what ifs?’.

In 2005 we launched Auto & General’s partnerships division – this is now a core component of our business model and a key driver of our growth. We maintain operations in Australia through various property holdings, such as our purpose built, award winning call centres. This close proximity enables ongoing collaboration with our partners and the forging of strong, long term relationships.

In combination with our direct distribution channel comparethemarket.com.au, we feel that now, more than ever, we are in a position to help increase your customer acquisition and retention rates, through branded insurance products.

Auto & General Australia

Auto & General Australia
  • Partnership focused
  • 55,000+ policies written per month
  • Budget Direct retail brand
  • 13 Locations
  • Over 635,000 underwritten policies in force
  • 1000 employees and growing
  • 2013 – comparethemarket.com.au launched
  • Launched in 1999